ISO 9001

Quality Management System - BS EN ISO 9001 - 2015

INMOCO have operated a quality management system since the earliest days of the company, but first sought and received outside accreditation in October 1996. Since then the company has maintained its accreditation, receiving accreditation to the latest standard on 29th September 2016.


  • Intelligent Motion Control Ltd is committed to establishing policy and objectives for quality, reviewing the quality system and ensuring the availability of resources.
  • We recognise that the continued future success of the Company depends on continual improvement of our service. We intend to provide services which completely meet the needs & expectations of our Customers.
  • The quality management system used to achieve this policy is fully described in our Quality Manual. Relevant sections shall be communicated and understood by all staff.
  • The Quality Manual and supporting documentation are mandatory and binding throughout the Company.
  • The responsibility for the compilation, revision and maintenance of the quality management system rests with the Sales & Application Engineer, Gerard Bush.
  • Authority to give directions with respect to the assurance of quality lies with the Directors, supported by the other members of staff who have a direct and continuing responsibility.
  • The policy, systems and Quality Procedures described in the Quality Manual are based on the requirements of the British Standard for Quality Systems i.e. BS EN ISO 9001.

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