Mercury II 1900 Encoders


Miniature, High Accuracy Analog Output Encoder Uses Tape or Linear Glass Scales to Achieve the Highest Resolution with Your Interpolation Electronics

For high performance with linear tape or glass scales, the Mercury II 1900 analog encoder really delivers. It fits compact motion system designs and provides high accuracy, high speed, and resolution from 5μm to 1.2nm, depending on your controller. Cut-to-length tape scale installs quickly, while linear glass scales provide high accuracy – up to ±1μm. Its unique stick-on index and broad sensor alignment tolerances enable setup in just seconds.

Resolution: 5μm to 1.2nm Linear (dependent on interpolation electronics)
Outputs: Analog Sine / Cosine with Index
Scales: Linear Tape or Glass
Connectors: Standard D-sub or customer specified

Model Numbers

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  Product Documents:
Product Specification
Mercury-II-1900 Datasheet
Mercury-II-1900 Datasheet
Mercury-II-1600_1900 Installation Manual
Mercury-II-1600_1900 Installation Manual
Mercury-II-1900 Interface Drawing
Mercury-II-1900 Interface Drawing