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Micro Motion Absolute™ Rotary Encoders provide absolute position after powering up your system, even if motion occurred when power was off. MicroE Systems Micro Motion Absolute technology uses a small initial rotary movement on power-up so that your controller will know the absolute position with certainty. You can quickly restart with confidence even when sensitive, valuable work pieces are in the motion system.

Micro Motion Absolute Rotary Encoders acquire absolute position from their pre-programmed absolute track. By putting absolute position marks at unique locations, as soon as the motion control system passes through a small rotation, typically 4º - 7º, your controller will have absolute position.

Position feedback is sent to the controller with BiSS or SPI high-speed serial formats using an FPGA in your controller and software that is developed collaboratively with MicroE Systems. Single and multi-axis versions of the interface are possible.

Since Micro Motion Absolute Rotary Encoders are based on MicroE Systems' widely-used and proven optical encoder sensors, they have all of the benefits of their incremental encoder products:

  • High resolution, accuracy, and repeatability enables high precision motion feedback and servo control
  • Small sensors, including models that can fit into the most compact spaces
  • PC board mount-sensors, as small as 7mm x 11mm, that can fit onto a small PC board of any shape
  • Low power consumption - low as 0.3W
  • Reliable long-life operation


Choose from the models listed below


Micro Motion Absolute Specifications

Mercury 1500P-MMA

  • Resolution = 10,000 to 100,000 CPR using 18mm OD scale
  • PC board mount
  • Option for screw-mount sensor with cable

ChipEncoder CE300-MMA

  • Resolution = 5,000 to 50,000 CPR using 18mm OD scale
  • PC board mount – surface mount device
  • Only 7mm x 11mm

Mercury II 6000-MMA

  • Resolution = 5,000 to 20M CPR using 18mm OD scale
  • Small, screw-mount sensor with cable
  • Highest accuracy and resolution
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Micro Motion Absolute Encoders
Micro Motion Absolute Encoders

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