DA Series Roller Screw Actuators

Compact actuators deliver quality and reliability for demanding applications

Posted Date: 10th Nov 2016

Inmoco has introduced a new range of high quality linear actuators which offer excellent performance, longer operational life, a compact design and easy maintenance. The DA series actuators from Diakont combine high load capacity with up to 10 times longer life than conventional designs. A patented relubrication system enables complete relubrication to be carried out in situ in less than 30 minutes.

Manufactured to the highest quality standards, and tested in the most demanding conditions to over 1,500,000 m (60,000,000 inches) of travel without failure, the DA series actuators are fitted with an integral permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) to provide high power, accuracy and reliability in a compact space envelope.

The DA series actuators also feature precision roller screws which deliver exceptional performance. The integrated PMSM makes the actuators particularly compact, while the roller screws offer the advantages over ball screws of up to 10 times longer working life, increased rigidity and higher load carrying capacity. This is due to the greater surface contact area between roller and nut than is achievable with traditional ball mechanisms.

This adds up to a series of actuators that offer continuous force up to 22300 N (5013 lbf), nominal backlash of just 0.1 mm, lead accuracy of 0.025 mm per 300 mm and speeds up to 833 mm/sec (32.8 in/sec). Zero backlash options are also available.

A particular advantage of the DA series is the patented relubrication system that simplifies maintenance in demanding applications. The proprietary technology allows the user to change the lubrication without having to remove the actuator from its installation. Lubrication ports built into the actuator are simply connected to the relubrication system, enabling a full lubrication change to be completed in-situ, quickly and simply.

Offering electromechanical compatibility with numerous third party servo drives and amplifiers, the DA series actuators are easy to integrate into existing motion control systems. As such they can provide a straightforward replacement for hydraulic or pneumatic actuators that is both cost effective and high performance.

DA series actuators are manufactured in Italy by Diakont, for whom Inmoco is the exclusive UK distributor. Diakont specialises in developing motion control products for the most demanding applications, and in helping users migrate from hydraulic and pneumatic technologies to modern electromechanical alternatives.