Diakont Roller Screw Actuator

Resistance welders last up to five times longer with Diakont actuators

Posted Date: 20th Feb 2017

Daventry based motion control specialist INMOCO is introducing a new high-precision roller screw actuator to the UK, designed for incorporation into weld guns and pedestal welders, which should provide a service life of 30 million or more welding cycles.

Developed by Diakont in San Diego, California, the actuators are designed with an optimised inverted planetary roller screw thread. They made using specialised hardening processes and to tight machining accuracy. As such they offer a service lifetime of three to five times industry norms and produce a highly-repeatable welding force of up to 18kN.

Featuring an integrated permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) paired with a precisely machined roller screw, these electric actuators are also lightweight and compact, so easy to mount onto a welding machine or into a work station on a production line.

“Diakont C-type and X-type weld gun actuators, for instance, start at 10.6 kg, making them one of the most lightweight solutions in the welding industry,” notes Gerard Bush of INMOCO. “For users who require particularly lightweight servo guns, Diakont also offers actuators starting at 5 kg. These allow the end user to operate smaller robots, resulting in an efficient production space layout, and savings in operating costs.”

Weld guns that are fitted with Diakont electric servo actuators are used to produce the highest quality resistance welds, and are able to operate at sustained high productivity levels. Taking into consideration the special requirements of the welding industry, such as radial force, INMOCO also offers special options such as Diakont’s custom mounting, extra radial load support, internal anti-rotation, a compact brake, optional water cooling, and manual drive.

"The new resistance welding electric servo actuators use high-precision roller screws that provide the highest level of durability and consistent weld force,” says Bush. "Diakont has utilised its expertise from years of industrial actuator development to produce a reliable, high-quality product that should redefine expectations in UK manufacturing sectors that required high speed welding which is precise and reliable.”