R Series Servo Motors


The Pacific Scientific R series (Regal) motors include five frame sizes of high performance servomotors with rare earth magnets. These PacSci motors are now branded as Kollmorgen products and are only offered to support existing applications.


  • 1.7 to 53 N-m (15 to 473 lb-in) continuous torque
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Speeds to 7,000 RPM meet very high speed application requirements
  • Rugged brushless construction eliminates the need to replace brushes and stands up to the rigors of the factory floor
  • High torque over a wide speed range provides improved machine throughput
  • Rare earth magnets
  • Anti-cog motor design offers smooth low-speed operation
  • IP65 sealing offers resistance to dust and low pressure water jets
  • Class H insulation provides longer life for reduced machine downtime
  • Overtemperature thermistor protects against motor damage

For new application please consider the AKM Series servo motors.

AKM Servo Motor

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Servo Motor Selection Guide