Spool Valve Control

The ability to use a joystick instead of mechanical linkage for spool valve control of boom and tilt cylinders is a benefit for machine engineers and operators, thanks to the simplicity of the mechanics and the instant-reaction control it gives the operator, not to mention comfort.

Key Benefits

Reduced Design Costs -

  • Multiple speed and feedback options, plus easy interface with electronic controls.
  • Actuator wires and switch can be placed anywhere, including away from the operator, and are not limited by hose bend radius.

Reduced Installation Cost -

  • Actuators allow for more flexible positioning of spool valves in the machine design for reduced installation cost, improved safety and easy access for maintenance.

Reduced Operating Cost -

  • Maintenance-free, lubricated for life and highly resistant to under-cover temperatures, shock and vibration.

Increased Productivity and Safety -

  • Valve and hoses can be eliminated from inside the cab, along with the heat and noise of high-pressure hydraulics.
  • Programmable motions can reduce the risk of repetitive-motion injuries, and elimination of levers increases operator comfort and visibility.
  • Interlocks can prevent dangerous combinations of moves and/or speeds.
  • Increases the speed of shaking the bucket for removal of debris.