Volumetric filling using actuators

Improving Filling Reliability and Accuracy with the Right mix of linear motion components

Replace the cams or pneumatic cylinders in your volumetric filling machine with an Electric actuator and you will see precise volume control and an accurate fill rate! With a servo driven actuator operating the piston pump, users are achieving better than 0.1% fill accuracy. More importantly, the flexibility offered by a servo based actuator offers you the ability to manipulate flow rates or volume instantaneously, without setting any switches or changing out any cams. Container size, volume, or liquid changes are simple to obtain ‐ just enter a new setting in the operator interface panel, or have a PLC do the changes. Operate independent lanes or synchronise all the pumps together.

Volumetric Filling

Servo actuators are being used to deposit many products including milk, fruit juice, gelatin, yogurt, pudding, pet food, soup, and cake batter. Even paint, lip stick, grease and solvents are being pumped.

The right mix of linear motion components enables this filling machine the flexibility to handle a wide range of tasks with minimal changeover. A two axis gantry robot moves a tool with nozzles that fill each row of the pallet. Fully enclosed linear systems keep contaminants out of the mechanisms and also eliminate risk of contaminating the filling process.

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